Quality of concrete mixing is good.

Easy to move horizontally from one place to another.

Unskilled worker is also operate easily.

It is used to mix a fly-ash with various Admixtures to bond a low weight block.

Single person can push easily to machine for transport.

Minimum labour requirement.

Inner-side of drum is frictionless. Therefore possibility of concrete stuck is very less.

Mixer drum is strong enough.

Mixer drum is non-corrosive.

Machine is totally self-locking.

Easy to assemble all parts of machine.

It is used in small works like chhajja, lintel, etc.

Low weight machine. Therefore, easy to move from one floor to another.

It is also time saver.

Maintenance is very less, such as null.

It is small machine. So, small space is required while transportation.

Efficiency of machine is good.

Use rubber solid tyre in machine. Therefore, possibility of puncher is zero.

Different capacity of motor is available in machine 0.5HP and 1HP with different drum capacity 12O ltr. and 170 ltr. respectively.

Output RPM capacity of motor is 27 rpm.

Capacity of machine is 2.4 cubic meter per hour.

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